Shabbat market and Frozen meals

Our Kosher deli

Fed up with cooking for Shabbat?

Our Friday Shuk, Millee’s Shabbat market

Our delicious selection of Kosher meals will regal your family for Shabbat..

Do you have lots of guests? Or just want a break from cooking? Don’t worry, we got your back! Millee’s Deli offers delicious homemade food, prepared in compliance with the Kosher requirements. 

Click on the menu below to check out our current options and give us a call to book your meal!

this week's Shabbat Shuk menu!

Too busy to cook every day?

We got your back: try our Kosher frozen meals

Eating Kosher in Sydney has its challenges. Local take away shops rarely have Kosher meals and busy life doesn’t always leave some time for cooking. Don’t worry, Millee’s deli have got you covered! With a wide range of frozen homemade kosher meals, you can eat delicious meals all week, stress-free and guilt-free!

You can pick up your frozen meals from Tuesday to Friday at Millee’s Deli Rose Bay.

Orders are to be place before 3pm on Thursdays!

Are you hungry?