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We take pride in making delicious, homemade food following the Kashrut  process, with different kitchens for the milk and the meat, all supervised by a Mashgiach.

All our food is Kosher, but we do not limit ourselves to the Jewish community. We welcome everyone in our Rose Bay Deli and cater for all social and professional events.

From a delicious Bat-mitzvah banquet with refined food to impress your family and friends to a simple roast chicken and challah for your family dinner, our team have got you covered!

Our services

Whether you are planning a wedding, bat mitzvah, cocktail party, corporate lunch, fundraiser, or other special event, Kosherlicious will plan and cater your party to your exact requirements.

We follow the Kashrut process, but our food isn’t limited to the Jewish community, we cater for any functions, including corporate events and birthdays for our local community in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, in a radius of 15 km from Rose Bay.

Shabbat deli and frozen meals

Too busy to cook but want a home-made meal? It’s not easy to find a takeaway shop when you eat Kosher. Open from Tuesday to Friday, Millee’s Deli offers a large choice of fresh home-made food (Fridays only) and home cooked frozen meals that tastes just like Mum’s!

Kosher Butter Chicken, Brisket, Cured Salmon & more available to purchase for your Shabbat dinner or lunch at the Shabbat Shuk in our Rosebay shop.

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525A Old South Head Rd, 

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NSW 2029

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Tuesday  8AM-2PM

Wednesday 8AM-2PM

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Friday 8AM-2PM

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